9 thoughts on “Testimony Express

  1. Little and big TESTAMONIES! Jesus went around doing good and walked.in signs wonders and miracles ! This seemingly little thing of buying coffee for someone at Starbucks turned into an opportunity for pastor Jay to share some TESTAMONIES with him and then lead him into a life saving relationship with Jesus the greatest miracle of all ! Praise be to God

  2. Little and big testimony I was going to have my son for lunch after a morning bible study with some friends . I ran out of time to be able to go to store to buy his favorite bagels
    My friends showed.up with two bagels for me one being his favorite without any k owledge except word from holy spirit of this being his favorite and me even wanting any for that day . He cares about even the small things in our life but what made it big was me being able to testify to my son about how god.put it on my friends heart to bring it to us ! Planting seeds !Praise be

  3. If I remain silent the rocks will cry out so I cry out not that it won’t be awe some when that happens too
    This is actually a miracle that many were praying for some of you may have seen my post about prayer for a friends sister who aS scheduled for surgery pacemaker none the less and last minute had to be cancelled. Praise the Lord doctors now cancelling altogether no longer think it’s needed ! Thanks for all who prayed with us both thanksost of all to Jesus our great physician

  4. In January of this year, I visited my hair stylist only to be told that part of the back of my head was bald; I was losing hair. She mentioned that it was probably Alopecia, a disease I had never heard of. I quickly searched its meaning, and the information I gathered started ” stealing my joy”.
    When my stylist asked if I was going to see a doctor, I told her “I am going to declare scriptures on my head for my hair to grow back”. When I got home and told my family, my husband prayed for me and told me not to worry because the hair was going to grow back.My son also prayed for me.

    That was the same time when Pastor Jay West has started the teachings on “Declarations”.Every day, whilst moisturizing my hair, I would particularly touch the affected part and declare “Christ has redeemed me from every curse including hair loss, therefore I am not losing hair but my hair is growing and my follicles are healthy”. Sometimes I would say ” Thank you Lord that every strand of hair on my hair is growing strong….”

    Praise be to God! The last time I visited the salon, the stylist confirmed all my hair was back.Praise the Lord , Dr Jesus did it for me.The Word of God works.

  5. It’s been a while since I have posted so I will try to be brief . 3 kingdom
    Encounters this last week for sure ones was aware of one at Arnys right by kingdom encounters . Stopped for a bite with some friends ended up praying for and get to g to k now two more precious brothers and sister in the Lord gave them a kE card as the do t currently have a home church. Please pray in Krista and her dad . Next was Hanson a waiter at village inn. Wanted prayer for a wayward sister I told him I would come back and check on how things were going. Then I almost ran in to my last one crossing 90th st carrying a bag of groceries I have her a ride home and prayed for her as a single mom have her my i.firmstion for reference to apply for job and prayed for heali g for stomach issues and asthma
    She already has a home church but was encouraged in the Lord! Having fun living Jesus and the people he brings to me @

  6. Tonight at Kingdom Encounters it was wonderful to attend this meeting as Jason taught about the book of James, the difference between trials and temptations, and placing your faith in God alone instead of in other worldly things. Being around others and talking about faith felt really good because it’s such a different experience from reading His word by yourself and when there are other people around. One thing that I thought about as everyone shared was having faith in God alone and the bible verse where it talks about having faith like a mustard seed. That mustard seed is going to grow tall and strong and unshakable as a oak tree and that’s sort of what we talked about tonight. If you place your faith in God alone and keep growing it, your faith can grow to be unshakable and unwavering despite all the trials and temptations this world holds. I’m thankful I was able to attend Kingdom Encounters tonight with my family and learn more about the first chapter of James.

  7. We are so blessed to have you April and your family ! I love your hunger for more ! God will fulfill it !

  8. So grateful for opportunity Saturday to do street ministry again with some friends . I used to do this type of ministry weekly but it had been a long time . I got to spend some time connecting with people I hadn’t seen for a while then we hit the streets in groups of 2 or 3 and God faithfully had kingdom encounters for each group ! It’s su n a blessing to be sent out in his name to serve him by blessing others.

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