“Jesus The Hair Healer” Testimony by Rosemary A-Aboagye

The following is a testimony by Rosemary A-Aboagye, a member at Kingdom Encounters Church.

In January of this year, I visited my hair stylist only to be told that part of the back of my head was bald; I was losing hair. She mentioned that it was probably Alopecia, a disease I had never heard of. I quickly searched its meaning, and the information I gathered started “stealing my joy.”

When my stylist asked if I was going to see a doctor, I told her, “I am going to declare Scriptures on my head for my hair to grow back.” When I got home and told my family, my husband prayed for me and told me not to worry because the hair was going to grow back. My son also prayed for me.

That was the same time when Pastor Jay West had started the teachings on “Declarations.” Every day, whilst moisturizing my hair, I would particularly touch the affected part and declare, “Christ has redeemed me from every curse, including hair loss; therefore, I am not losing hair, but my hair is growing and my follicles are healthy.” Sometimes I would say, “Thank You, Lord, that every strand of hair on my hair is growing strong….”

Praise be to God! The last time I visited the salon, the stylist confirmed all my hair was back. Praise the Lord, Dr. Jesus did it for me. The Word of God works.




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