A Heartfelt Prayer


Father, we come to You this day, boldly asking You to do the miraculous in our midst. Lord, as Your disciples and apostles prayed, so we also pray the same: Lord, increase our faith. Forgive us, Lord, for our low expectations. Create in us a hunger for You that won’t be satisfied until we see the greater things You’ve promised. Let us not settle for second rate or second best when you invite us to sit with You and feast at the table. We want to see the greater things. We want to see revival. We ask for more.

Forgive us for being so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we failed to see the bigger picture of what You were doing around us. Teach us to open our eyes to see the wonderful things You are doing. Teach us to have a greater appreciation for the blessings You bestow. As the line of a well known worship song says, we ask that You would “break [our] heart for what breaks Yours” and “show [us] how to love like You have loved [us].”[i] Give us hearts of compassion for the lost, the hurting, and the broken. Grant us an enthusiasm and endurance that cannot be matched by the mere strivings of man but can only be bestowed by the only true eternal God.

Lead us to the well of life, that we may drink of the water that cleanses, purifies, and restores. Lead us to Your fountain that springs forth with bursts of refreshing mists. Lead us to the altar, where we may humbly bow before You and humbly give You our hearts. Lead us to the cross, that we may die to ourselves and experience the resurrection power of our Savior. Lead us to Your Spirit, that we may walk by the spirit and live by the Spirit all the days of our lives.

Create in us a passion for Your name unlike any passion we’ve ever had before. Show us how to give You everything. Show us how to seek after Your heart. Make us more like You, that we may bear Your light and life to all whom we encounter.

All these things we ask, trusting and believing in the mighty, matchless name of Jesus.

[i] From “Hosanna” by Brooke Fraser. © 2006 Hillsong Publishing.


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