Watch and listen to the YouTube song above (taken from the song “Here as in Heaven”).

Earlier this week, I was spending some time in prayer while listening to a playlist of music. This song came on, which includes an exhortation from Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church. It was not the first time I heard this song and exhortation; however, when I listened as I prayed, it struck me in a different way than before. Something began to well up inside me.

I arose from my spot on my knees and began to make some declarations. My voice elevated to a place of loud, bold shouting and declaring in prayer, both in the Spirit and in my native tongue. You see, the circumstances surrounding me in the past month—and actually, for many parts of 2016, have left me feeling frustrated, confused, and defeated.

But no more.

On this night, I began taking back everything that the enemy has stolen from me and my family. I refused to live in defeat any longer. Something broke on that night. Something shifted. As I told those mountains to “Move NOW,” I believed they actually moved.

And you know what? It’s been a new day. It’s a new season. I have felt a cleansing and a washing—a true renewal and rebirthing. The Lord has been increasing my hunger and thirst for Him once again.

I encourage you to apply this by faith to your situation right now. Let faith arise in you. Let hope arise in you. God is doing something powerful through this song around the world, for I truly believe, as the song says, “A miracle can happen now….the evidence is all around, for the Spirit of the Lord is here.”


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