Unanswered Questions


When life gives you more questions than answers, trust in God’s character.

There is a reason He doesn’t give us all the answers. If He did, we would stop searching. We wouldn’t need to go to Him with our needs; we would already have all the answers.

Our natural bent as humans is to try to fix everything.

But when life presents us with questions we cannot find an answer to, we become so frustrated and feel like quitting.

We want to solve everything, but that’s not our job.

It’s God’s.

Sometimes, the most helpful thing we can do is to take our problems, our unanswered questions, our brokenness, and lay them all at the feet of Jesus.

We must not quit, but we must give up—give up our right to be right, give up our pride, give up our fears, and give up our blank answers.

We aren’t supposed to know all the answers. We aren’t supposed to fix all the problems. What we are supposed to do is allow all our unanswered questions to lead us on a quest—not a quest to find the right answer, but a quest to know the Author of the question.

After all, being right with God is infinitely better than having a right answer.


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