Behind the Songs: “You Are My Light”


For this post, I’m basically going to let this song speak for itself. The reason for this is because, unlike most of the other songs I have blogged about, this song does not really have a story behind it. I wrote it when I was in high school, not because I was going through any specific feeling of darkness at the time, but simply because I knew Jesus to be the Light I needed in every situation. The song came to me pretty simply, first with a tune, and then with words to match it. The lyrics are a description of how Jesus is our light in the midst of darkness, and that His love is stronger than anything we may face. He has always been there for us, especially when we’ve needed Him the most. These lyrics just flowed for me so quickly that I had to get them down on paper and put the song together! You can listen to the full song by clicking on the YouTube link below. As you listen, ponder the ways Jesus has lit your path and been your strong tower in every circumstance. Thank Him for showing His love to you in such special and profound ways.[i]

[i] Words and Music to “You Are My Light” © 2009 Jason B. West.



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