Behind the Songs: “My God”


This one is really short and sweet! There is not a long, involved story behind the writing of “My God.”[i] It is not a deep, profound story like maybe some of the other songs in this series have been. However, it is definitely cool. God gave this song to me after (I’m guessing) over a year of not writing any songs, at the time. I was playing some random things on my keyboard one night, and pretty soon, a chord sequence came together that sounded like it could turn into something new. I wanted to write a song that was just very light and happy, full of joy and praise to Jesus. Pretty soon, God began to give me a melody and lyrics to go with it.

Most of the song was written in one sitting, with a few adjustments made within the next few days. What came forth was the song that came to be called “My God.” The song is all about God’s faithfulness, His great love to us, and the safety and security we find in Him. It is meant to be sung with an attitude of joy and great love. Go ahead and listen to it on the video clip below, and rejoice in your Savior’s love and provision for you! My God is faithful!



[i] Words and Music to “My God” © 2012 Jason B. West.


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