Behind the Songs: “You’ve Opened the Heavens”


It is hard for me to believe that the song “You’ve Opened the Heavens”[i] is almost two years old as I write this blog. The lyrics still seem so new and fresh to me, but I believe that is because God has been using this song mightily and that He continues to use it strongly today just like He did two years ago. It’s probably my favorite song God has given me.

The whole concept of this song came forth when I was at a conference—I believe it was the “Voice of the Apostles” conference with Randy Clark’s Global Awakening Ministry. During one of the worship sets, the thousands of people at the meeting were all spontaneously singing in the spirit. What I kept singing was this one phrase: “You’ve opened the heavens. You’ve opened the heavens.” I just kept singing that phrase over and over again, and the more I sang it, the more I realized that God wanted to do something more with that—He wanted to turn it into a full song.

At this point in my life, I had heard a number of songs asking God to rend or open the heavens and pour out His Spirit, etc. For several years, I had the desire to write my own “open heavens” song. However, as the Lord downloaded this song to me, He began to teach me that, for the believers who are walking with Him, we don’t have to beg or plead for the heavens to open up to us—they are already open! We have an open invitation into His throne room all the time because Jesus tore the veil, giving us direct access to the Father! We are God’s children—we are not slaves or orphans. The heavens are not closed to us—they are open!

When we sing songs asking God to open the heavens or send rain on a dry land, I believe those are designed more for a regional, national, or worldwide context—because we certainly know that we desperately need the heavens to be opened over our city, our nation, and our world as a whole. However, that is not the focus of this song. The focus of this song is celebrating the fact that Christ has already opened the heavens for us who believe. He has already made a way for us. Thus, our response to what He has done for us is to sing the lyrics of this song: “We declare Your wonders, King of all Kings. We celebrate Your righteousness; for You alone are worthy, Ancient of Days, and as we sing we realize You’ve opened the heavens.” Take a moment to meditate on these lyrics and celebrate the inheritance You have as a child of God. Some parents say they have an “open door policy” to their children. Well, God has an “open heaven” policy to us. How cool is that?!

[i] Words and Music to “You’ve Opened the Heavens” © 2014 Jason B. West.


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