Behind the Songs: All Glory Be


During the beginning stages of Kingdom Encounters, before we ever had a Sunday service, the initial church plant pioneers were in the habit of gathering together for a series of preliminary prayer and worship meetings. At one of these meetings, our small emerging music team had our first opportunity to play together—and it was completely spontaneous, without any prior rehearsal! Of course, it would be just like God to use this first worship encounter to birth the beginnings of a new song as well!

As we were beginning the worship time, I could not shake this line that kept repeating in my mind: “All glory be to our God. All glory be to the Lamb that was slain.”[i] As the team began to sing this repeating phrase together, the others in the group joined us, and the presence of God was strongly ushered in to that meeting. However, this was the only part of the song that God gave me at that moment. The rest would have to wait until later.

After about a year had passed, I was sitting down at the keyboard to go over some music, when I kept feeling so impressed about the healing and cleansing power of the river of God. I’m not even sure anymore if the melody or the lyrics came first, but before I knew it, the whole rest of the song “All Glory Be” came together—all in probably less than an hour. What had been on hold for a year then came together suddenly!

I believe this song carries a strong prophetic anointing, especially in the lyrics of the verses:


There is a river of glory; it flows deeper than the sea.

And its waters are for healing; it gives life abundantly.

There is an ocean of mercy, and its waves are full of power.

It gives freedom to the captives, bringing joy this very hour.


Let these words soak in your spirit right now. Ask the Lord to let His healing waters rush over you and purify your heart. He has an ocean of mercy just waiting to be unleashed. Hallelujah!

[i] Words and music to “All Glory Be” © 2015 Jason B. West.


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