Behind the Songs: “Into Your Glory”


Other than a few worship songs that I wrote as a young child, “Into Your Glory[i] was really the first song God gave to me that began having great impact through being sung in several locations. Similar to how I mentioned I wrote “Now Is the Time” in a previous article, “Into Your Glory” was also birthed as I was humming to myself while getting some work done around the house. Most of the time, when I write songs, the tune comes to me first before the lyrics. Thus, I began humming this tune that sounded unique from anything I had heard before.

Pretty soon, I realized that this was a new song God was giving me. I was just learning to play the keyboard by ear at the time (I was a sophomore in high school), so I sat down at my new keyboard that my parents helped me purchase and began trying to figure out the chords for what I was humming. Next came the lyrics:


I’m pressing into Your glory, Lord.

There’s no place I’d rather be.

I bow my knee before Your throne.

There’s no place I’d rather be.

So I sing holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty.

Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain.

     That was all I had at that point, but more came later as I kept humming, singing, and processing this new song. What ultimately became the bridge of the song came forth as follows:


I am abandoned to all that You are:

You’re my Life; You’re my Hope; You’re my Song; You’re my King.

And I will surrender to all that You will

For my life, for my soul, for my everything.


I went to a Christian high school (Heartland Christian School), so I was very excited to share this song with some teachers and friends at school. I was actually part of a Creative Troupe at the school that year, and one of the branches of this Troupe was a small group dedicated to songwriting. After I shared this song with the teacher and the few students in the group, they helped me work out the final kinks, come up with a title, and get the song ready to sing in chapel.

I was just getting started as the keyboard player for our new worship team at school, so I worked with the worship leader to teach her the song. We were able to then introduce it to the school, and it was received very well, leaving a powerful impact on the students and staff. One of the staff members began to take it to his church and sing it there as well. I was so blessed that the Lord chose to use this simple song to birth a new songwriting and worship ministry in me that would position me for what he is doing today. I am also grateful for my parents, mentors, and peers who helped me put the song together and get it off the ground. What an exciting time in my life this was! Praise God!

[i] Words and Music to “Into Your Glory” © 2009 Jason B. West.


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