Behind the Songs: “To Be with You”

Storm Clouds

The second song I have chosen to blog about in this series of “Behind the Songs” for the Kingdom Encounters Kingdom Expressions group is one that will not take long to describe. The story behind it is quite simple; however, it is also profound. The reason that the writing of this song was profound was because Lord dropped the song “To Be with You[i] in my heart while I was leading worship. This was the first time that I actually wrote a song on the spot while leading in worship in front of people.

I was ministering with my father at a church called Lighthouse Fellowship in Hugoton, Kansas. The church has since changed its name to River of Life. My father, Jay West, was the pastor of this church for several years in the ‘90s, but recently he has functioned as the church’s overseer. While functioning in this capacity, he has frequently traveled there from Omaha to minister and encourage the congregation. Sometimes he has taken me with him to help with the ministry and worship.

It was during one of our trips there in the year 2012 that the Lord birthed this song out of me (This was during one of my breaks from college classes.). I was asked to play and sing some songs softly while people were receiving prayer ministry. Frequently, during times like this, it would be my tendency to sing spontaneous songs in the spirit—so that was nothing new. However, I typically would forget these spiritual songs soon after I sang them. But not this time. The simple, heartfelt lyrics of what became “To Be with You” would prove to stick with me and fully develop into a new song that I would continue singing for years to come.

The song was (and still is) a cry from my heart for intimacy with God. The lyrics are simple:


You are my desire—no one else but You.

I need You more.


There is no one I desire but You.

There is no one I long for but You.

There is no one that I crave but You—to be with You, my Lord.


This song is such an expression of my heart’s desire to draw closer to the Lord. I long to be close to Him. I want to know Him. I want to crave being with Him more than anything in this world. Every time I sing and lead others in singing this song, I am reminded to feed that desire and always press in to knowing God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I am so thankful God gave me this simple song as such a beautiful expression of a relationship with Him. Praise You, Jesus.

[i] Words and music to “To Be with You” © 2012 Jason B. West.


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