Behind the Songs: “Now Is the Time”


Throughout our short history as a church plant, it has been a blessing and an honor for the Kingdom Expressions worship team at Kingdom Encounters to introduce a number of songs the Lord has given to us. Some of these songs came forth in past years prior to the launch of KE, while others have been birthed out of this movement in recent times.

Now, we are in the beginning stages of our first KE recording project, in which many of these original songs will be featured! What an exciting time this is—to be recording together when we’re not yet even two years old as a group!

As part of this recording project, we thought it would be encouraging and inspiring to begin a new Kingdom Expressions blog series that accounts the stories behind each of these songs. So watch this blog over the next several weeks as we gradually introduce the stories and history behind the songs! We pray that this series will give new richness and vitality to your understanding of these songs we love to sing together as a body. To receive these posts in your email, scroll down the page and look on the right side where it says, “Follow Kingdom Expressions via Email!” Type your email address below that and click “Follow.”

Now, here is the story of our first featured song—“Now Is the Time[i]:

When the Lord gave me the song “Now Is the Time,” I was in the middle of my senior year of high school. I was attending a local Christian school, and my heart’s cry was to see revival come to that school. But I wasn’t limiting my cry for just my school. I so longed for and desired to see revival sweep across my city in the public and private schools, as well as in the churches, government, and marketplace sectors. For quite some time, I had been praying for this revival of God’s presence to occur in our midst, but that earnest heart cry for revival really escalated in my senior year. There was something in my spirit that just knew that this was the time for God to break through and work in mighty ways that we had never seen or experienced before.

I had already written a few songs by this time, but I had a desire to write a new song that would be both a decree and also a prayer for a revival of God’s presence. I do not remember actually asking God to give me such a song, but the desire was definitely in my heart, and God knew my desire. The Lord then granted this desire when a tune came into my head as I was doing chores around the house. I kept humming this tune, and pretty soon, words came to it. At first, all I had was, “This is the time, da da da da da…” Ha ha! But soon the rest followed. When I finished the chores, I sat down at my keyboard and began figuring out the chords and lyrics. By the end of the night, the song was finished! I knew in my heart that the lyrics of this song were very prophetic and had the power to change atmospheres.

One of the first places I introduced this song was to the student worship team at my high school. What was supposed to be a normal rehearsal time turned into anything but that. As I played and sang this song for the team, the individuals on the team began just worshiping, praying, kneeling or lifting hands, and crying out to God for His presence to fill our school, city, and nation. We never had our practice that day, but instead, God came in His mighty power and touched each worship team member’s life for His glory. This experience was one of several amazing encounters that the worship team and the school had with God that last semester of my high school career. God was answering our prayers for revival, and He was moving powerfully and prophetically through this song to do so.

To this day, when I play this song at different locations, I often sense something tangibly shift in the atmosphere. Though the song is now six years old, it is still very much a “now” word for today. “This is the time when the longing hearts will find peace in love, will find hope in God. This is the time when the thirsty soul will be filled again, let revival fall.” Lord, that is our prayer at KE. That is our prayer as members of Your body around the world. Come have Your way with us. “Restore us. Renew us. Revival fall.” In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.



[i]  Words and music to “Now Is the Time” © 2010 Jason B. West.


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