Something’s Happening…


Over time, I have noticed an unhealthy pattern rising in many circles in America. Unfortunately, this pattern has included many Christian circles too. It is a pattern of speaking death and curses over the nation and its states and cities. Sure, most Christians would never intentionally speak a curse over this nation, but all the doom and gloom messages that have been spoken over our nation are certainly not messages of blessing or life. In recent days, I have been convicted of this myself. Too often, I have flippantly said destructive things about my country and city, rather than speaking life, blessings, godliness, and hope over it. If we want our nation to change, speaking death is not the way to do it. A nation will be changed through words of life, a return to prayer, and unity in the body of believers.

With that being said, something is happening in this nation. I see the Lord raising up warriors all over this nation in unprecedented ways. This gives me hope that, indeed, God is not through with America. God has not thrown up His hands and given up on us. God  is raising up an army of intercessors who will pray from the heart of heaven for this nation and propel us into the next Great Awakening.

Just this past weekend, two vital and unprecedented prayer meetings took place on opposite coasts in the nation: Azusa Now in Los Angeles, California, and United Cry DC16 in Washington, D.C. Azusa Now, led by Lou Engle and the Call, was a gathering of around 70,000 believers in the Los Angeles Coliseum, during which people gathered to pray, worship, and devote hours of their time as a united front for the Kingdom of God, believing God for another sweeping move of revival in our nation. Likewise, United Cry DC16 was a seven-hour prayer meeting consisting of prominent Christian leaders in our land, such as Ed Silvoso and Anne Graham Lotz, crying out to God for revival and declaring His blessings over the nation.

If that weren’t enough, well known Christian music artists and preachers are joining forces on July 16 for Together 2016, a day for believers to meet on the National Mall for unified prayer, worship, and a call for catalytic change. The goal is for a million believers to come together on that day.

I’m not one to overspiritualize things. But I really sense God is doing something powerful through all this—something more powerful than we can even realize at this point. I believe God wants revival for America more than we do, and He is awakening His Church to align with His heart for the nation—a heart to revive, awaken, and bless; not a heart to curse, condemn, or destroy.

Now, let’s zero in on Omaha. I see the same pattern of things happening in my city. Currently, an initiative called “Everybody Wins” is taking place among many churches in this city. Pastors and churches across the city are coming together with a heart to see the Omaha Metro transformed by the power of God. This movement includes compassion projects, hunger relief, and caring for those at risk, among many other things.

Simultaneously, a new worship and prayer movement is emerging in the city, creating a venue for the body of Christ in Omaha to gather under one roof to declare the praises of God over our city. This movement, called the Omaha Metro Burn, is a local chapter of a worldwide movement of “Burns,” in which people gather together to worship, pray, and intercede for a specific region. Many churches in Omaha, including Kingdom Encounters, are jumping on board and uniting with this new movement.

What really brought it all home for me was attending the “Outcry 2016” concert in Omaha this past week. For me, this concert was not just another concert. It was a prophetic act and symbol of the heart of God for our city. To see thousands of believers from all kinds of churches and denominations in our city unite under one roof for one purpose on that night gave me great hope and expectation for what God is doing in our city. God is stirring something up in our midst—something new, tangible, and revolutionizing.

Now, you may be saying, “Yeah, I’ve seen this before. A bunch of Christians get all hyped up and excited about some big event, but the next week, when the emotion dies down, everyone is back to normal.” It’s true—The concern is merited, for I’ve seen this happen many times. But I strongly sense in my spirit that this time is different. This isn’t just a bunch of hype. God is in this, and we need to continue to respond to what He is doing.

I sense the winds of change blowing over Omaha and over America. At the Outcry concert, Elevation Worship led a powerfully anointed song called “Here as in Heaven.” We have been singing this song at my church, Kingdom Encounters, as well, and I sense such a strong anointing on it. Part of the lyrics say, “The atmosphere is changing now, for the Spirit of the Lord is here. The evidence is all around that the Spirit of the Lord is here.” There are many worship songs coming forth all the time, but certain songs seem to particularly carry the heartbeat of heaven for what God is doing right now. I think this song is one of them. God is changing the atmosphere in our city. He is changing the atmosphere in our nation. And He is doing it by teaching us to be united in Him, to prioritize corporate prayer and worship, and to speak life and blessings rather than doom, gloom, and curses.

God is not through with us—not by a long shot. He has so much more in store than we could ever fathom. I hope this encourages everyone reading to know that God is on the move and bringing greater unity to His body. As the song says, “A miracle can happen now, for the Spirit of the Lord is here.”


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