What Does Love Look Like?

1 Cor 13

Love is patient (Love is not always convenient)

Love is kind (Especially when you don’t feel like being kind)

It does not envy (Especially when you really want what someone else has)

It does not boast (Especially when you really crave attention and recognition)

It is not proud (It leads you to have a right understanding of who you are and Whose you are)

It does not dishonor others (It values honor at all costs)

It is not self-seeking (It takes self out of the equation and focuses entirely on others)

It is not easily angered (It takes a lot to make you angry, but if you do get angry, it is because of injustice—for which your love compels you to action)

It keeps no record of wrongs (Its power is not weakened, no matter how many times the other person fails. It does not focus on the 99 wrong things; it celebrates the 1 right thing. Love finds gold in the middle of dirt.)

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth (Love without truth is not really love at all)

It always protects (Even at the risk of making yourself look bad for the sake of protecting others)

Always trusts (No matter how many times people may hurt you and make you feel like you can’t trust anyone anymore)

Always hopes (Even if every situation around you seems utterly hopeless)

Always perseveres (True love may grow weary, but it never quits)

Love never fails (There is nothing that can stop its power)


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