Never Have I Seen the Righteous Forsaken


I had an interesting dream recently. In it, I remember walking outside along a semi-busy road—only, it was late at night, so the road did not have much traffic at the time. The area was a transitional neighborhood between the inner city and the suburbs. As I was walking, I saw a man another walking not too far from me. We seemed to lock eyes, and then the man started coming toward me. The next thing I knew, he was trying to rob me of whatever cash I had on me. Yet, somehow, I was able to escape his grasp and get away.

Then, the dream fast forwarded to a later time. I’m not sure if it was later that same night or if it was a different night altogether. But I saw the man coming at me again. This time, I wasn’t able to escape him but rather had to surrender and give him whatever money I had on me. What struck me the most was the words that came out of my mouth in the dream when I spoke to the man. Very calmly but firmly with great resolve, I said something like this: “The joke’s on you because the Lord has told me that He will repay me like one repays a loan. You will lose what you’ve stolen, but I will end up with more than what I had before you robbed me.” The man stopped what he was doing and just looked at me. I spoke those words with great faith, and I felt absolutely no fear throughout this whole dream—only great confidence in the Lord’s salvation and in His mighty power.

As I thought, prayed, and meditated about this dream, I believe the Lord’s message to me was very clear: He promises to repay that which has been stolen from His children, and when He does, it will be far greater than it ever was before. And like me in the dream, we can have absolute confidence and faith in Him that He will do what He has promised and that He will always back up His word.

We are children of the most amazing father we could imagine having. He does not leave His children hanging. He does not leave us lacking what we need. Every time the enemy tries to mess with one of His children, He responds with vengeance and power against the enemy’s attacks.

Because of who we are in Christ and because of our identity in Him, we must not succumb to the victim mentality. Being God’s child doesn’t mean we will never have bad things happen to us, but it does mean that whatever happens, God has our back and promises to return above and beyond that which has been stolen. Because of Christ, we are not victims. We are not slaves to fear. Even in the dark of night—even when evil seems to surround us—we shall not fear. Our Father is our defense. He is our refuge. He is our strength and fortress. And He has NEVER left the righteous forsaken (Ps. 37:25). We have such a good Father, and we must always take confidence in that.


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