Simple Testimonies: How God Can Work Through the Little Things


This past summer, my parents and I were invited to do a series of Wednesday night ministry meetings at a local church, in which my dad was the speaker and I was one of the worship leaders.  In preparing for one of the Wednesday nights, I prayed and asked God what He wanted to do that night, specifically in worship.  I wanted to worship in the way that He wanted to be worshiped.  In my spirit, I heard, “Worship however you want, as long as you are sure to sing in the spirit at some point.”  Now, when I speak of singing in the spirit, I am not necessarily referring to singing in another prayer language—I am simply talking about singing our own English lyrics to the Lord.


So, in response to that prompting of the Lord, I said, “Okay!”  Come to find out, the service lasted for almost four hours, and most of it involved worship and music of some sort.  My dad specifically had a word during one point in the worship time that we should all sing our own songs in English to the Lord, rather than singing the set lyrics of the song.  Talk about confirmation!  Much of the service involved people singing and worshiping in this way.


Two weeks later, I was up to lead worship again, and I asked the Lord what He wanted to do in worship.  I heard in my spirit that I could plan whatever I wanted, but to be sure to start with a slower song.  Again, I said, “Okay!”  Interestingly, the Pastor had been praying about the service and believed he heard from the Lord that we needed to start with prayer ministry without even any music playing.  Many people came to the altar as a statement that they wanted to go deeper with God and encounter Him in a new way.  Gradually, we went into some worshipful music that was very slow and quiet, and that led right into the worship set I had planned.


Again, this was great confirmation, not only that I had heard accurately, but that the pastor had heard accurately.  When I shared this with him before service, he sensed a greater peace that he was supposed to have this prayer ministry at the beginning.  Isn’t it amazing how God works?




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