Who Will Ascend? …REVIEW!

Sunrise on Mount Shasta.
Sunrise on Mount Shasta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow!  We have been in this series entitled “Who Will Ascend” for quite a long time!  Within this series, there have been a number of mini-series, including discussing “Biblical Mountaintop Experiences,” “Moses on the Mountaintop,” “Moses and Aaron: God’s Intercession Team,” “Elijah on the Mountaintop,” and “The Prayer of Power.”  Now, in moving forward, we are really going to get to the heart of this entire series: Jesus on the Mountaintop.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may remember that I wrote about one mountaintop experience of Jesus already: the Transfiguration.  However, my guess is that most would not remember that.  You can go back and read the blog about it, but for now, let me recap what I wrote about.  Basically, a mountaintop experience represents a daily encounter with God.  Jesus often spent His prayer time on a mountaintop.  One of the most momentous of His mountaintop prayer encounters was the Transfiguration, in which He, along with Peter, John, and James ascended a mountainside to pray.

According to Psalm 24:3-4, those who may ascend into the hill of the Lord must have clean hands (lifestyles), pure hearts (motives), no idolatry, and no deceit.  Jesus most certainly possessed these qualities.  Amazingly, as He was transfigured, two other men joined him: Moses and Elijah.  These two men are the two most prominent Old Testament figures who also had mountaintop encounters with the Lord.  Based on this information, I then backtracked from Jesus’ time and thoroughly examined first Moses’ and then Elijah’s mountaintop encounters with God.

What I found was that Moses, Elijah, and Jesus each had three consistent patterns in their mountaintop experiences.  They all experienced (1) a time of equipping on the mountaintop, (2) the realization that they could not stay on the mountaintop forever, and (3) the understanding that they had a mission to complete following the mountaintop experience. 

Now that we have traveled through Old Testament history for quite some time, we are ready to return to Jesus’ time once again and study His model prayer life and how mountaintop experiences came into play for Him.  Get ready for an exciting journey through studying Jesus’ prayer life!


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