Who Will Ascend? Moses and Aaron: God’s Intercession Team—Part 1

Heartland Christian School
Students at Heartland Christian School praying for faculty and for one another

Before I get into this idea of Moses and Aaron, I need to share a story with you.  It’s a true story about my experiences attending a Christian high school, and it relates very well to the biblical truths I will be sharing regarding Moses and Aaron.  But it may take a few blogs for all the pieces to be put together.  The story will take up this first blog, and you’ll have to read more next week for the explanation of how all this comes together.  So, sit back, and enjoy the story!

Ever since I began attending Heartland Christian School in the fall of 2006, I knew I was where God had called me to be. The school has always provided a dynamic Christian environment. However, many of us in the school knew that there was something greater that God wanted for us—we just didn’t know how to get there. Many teachers, parents, and students have spent hours interceding for the school over the years, and I truly believe their prayers have made all the difference. Each year, we experienced tastes of God’s power and presence manifesting, and these tastes always left us longing for more. The only way I can describe what happened this year is that the tastes increased in frequency and intensity. I would not say we experienced revival or an awakening, but I would say we were moving in the right direction. Let me tell you what happened! (Please understand, there are many sides to this story, and I can only share it from my point of view. Since I was actively involved in the worship team, I will share much of what happened from the perspective of a worship team member. That does not mean that I am trying to give credit to the worship team or myself, though. I can simply only share the story from the perspective that I know. The fact is, we played only a small part in what God was doing. I could not begin to tell you of the many hours the teachers and board members spent faithfully praying for the school, or of the many ways other students and even alumni have worked to make a difference in the student body. If you‘re part of that category, know that your prayers and efforts have made a huge difference. Ultimately, God worked mightily on our behalf—and He deserves all the credit and the glory!)

I will begin this story with a talk that one of the teachers had with the worship team around the start of our second semester in January. As a team, we had grown a lot in our talents and abilities, but not so much in our walks with Christ. In his talk, the teacher reminded us that we could have all the talent in the world, but it would not make a difference if we didn’t lead worship by our lifestyles. Since he had kept us past the bell, our teacher jokingly told us that if any other teachers asked why we were late to class, we could just tell them he was making us wash the walls. He said that to add some humor to the situation, but the phrase struck our hearts in such a way that we began to look at it from a Biblical perspective. After Nehemiah and his crew finished rebuilding the walls in Jerusalem, it was the responsibility of the Levites (Israel’s worship team) to purify and dedicate the walls (Neh. 12:27-30). We realized that, after facing some major trials, our school was in a rebuilding season, and that it was our calling as a worship team to dedicate and purify the walls of our own hearts. It was time for us to lead by example.

So, from that talk of inspiration, we began to press in for more of God. We prayed for an awakening in our chapel services, and some of us even fasted in the process. What resulted was a series of chapel services that were truly inspiring! Two weeks after our talk with our teacher, we experienced a dynamic worship service, in which many students got out of their seats and came to the front to passionately worship the Lord. Some of those students had never done anything like that before, that I know of, so it was a step out of their comfort zones. I was so enthused to see students worshiping the Lord in ways I’d not seen them do before! God was on the move!

Two weeks later, we experienced another move of God that turned into an awakening service. God’s Presence was so strong in the worship time and the message, but the Holy Spirit really let loose during the ministry time after the message. Many students came forward for prayer, and several also made first-time commitments or rededicated their lives to the Lord. Chapel lasted way beyond the normal time schedule—but we didn’t care. We just wanted more of God!

In the course of all these events, at some point I was made aware of the awakening occurring at IHOP. My dad shared with me the testimonies of many schools that were beginning to “catch the fire” and experience their own awakenings all across the country. As I watched the live web stream from IHOP, and as my dad continued to share with me about transformation, I began having this repeated thought, “Why not HCS?” I shared some of these testimonies with the worship team, and we began to become even hungrier for God. Three weeks after the previous awakening service, we experienced yet another awakening service at school. Again, we had powerful prayer ministry time, and this time, I rejoiced as I noticed some students come forward who had never come forward for prayer before. Something was definitely about to break!

The very next week, I arrived at school for chapel, and I had such anticipation in my Spirit. I just knew that there was going to be a breakthrough that day. And there was—but not when I expected it! Up to that point, the Holy Spirit seemed to follow a pattern of doing His most profound work in our chapel services. So, I just figured it would happen that way again. But on that day God taught me that just as I get used to the way He works, He does a new thing that totally blows me away. Chapel was definitely good that day, and God was definitely there. However, after chapel, I still had that feeling in my spirit that breakthrough was coming. I had a study hall the next hour, but I couldn’t focus on my studies very well because of the expectancy that was still in my heart. So, I began to dig into the Word, and God began to show me some powerful truths. He took me to Genesis 1:2, which says, “The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” At that point, everything just clicked in my spirit. The Holy Spirit was literally hovering over our school, just waiting to act. But God reminded me of Daniel who, even though he knew that deliverance was coming (according to God’s promise through Jeremiah), still prayed and interceded for that deliverance to come (Dan. 9:2-3). I believe God showed me that, even though His Spirit was right there hovering over us, the breakthrough wasn’t guaranteed unless we’d pray and intercede.

Wouldn’t you know it, but the class period after that study hall was worship practice! With all that the Lord had downloaded to me, I knew I had to share it with the team. So, before practice started, I shared all that with the worship team, and then had them spread out for individual prayer time while I played and sang a new song called “Now Is the Time.” After the song was over, we fully intended on progressing into normal practice time. However, God had a different plan in mind. As the song was ending, God’s Presence was so heavy in the room—we all knew we couldn’t just cut it short and go to practice time. So, instead, some of the team members got on their instruments, while others stayed spread out throughout the chapel—and we just worshiped! As we worshiped, we made proclamations over our school and over our country. We cried out to God for a breakthrough and for more of His Presence. Some prayed for each other, and others expressed their worship to God in such a real way—more so than I had seen them do before. As a team, we were finally washing the walls—we were getting rid of the junk and learning to make God the focus of our lives. We never did have our normal practice that day. Instead, I believe lives were changed because of the work the Lord did.

But the story’s not over yet! The worship team did not just want this for themselves—they wanted the whole school to experience it. So, we took a big risk and asked our director if we could have an all-worship chapel—nothing planned—just to see what God would do when we intentionally set aside time to seek Him. Our director said yes. As it came closer to the day, I began to realize just what a risk this was. I thought to myself, Either this is going to flop, or it’s going to be the most amazing thing ever. There’s no middle ground.” All I could do was ask God to honor our step of faith and do the miraculous. And He did! The students ended up getting very involved in the worship time, and many students were ministered to. However, the most special part of the chapel occurred when the roles got reversed. For a good portion of the chapel, instead of teachers ministering and praying for the students, the students ministered and prayed for the teachers. From my spot at the keyboard, I could see the expressions on the teachers’ faces, and I could tell that they were deeply touched. It was awesome to see the work that God was doing!

By this point, we were near the end of our school year, so that is where I must end the story now. I am sure I have left things out because, like I said, I can only share this from my perspective. So many things happened behind the scenes that I am not even aware of. But the point is, God deserves all the glory, for great things He has done!

Now, what does this all have to do with Moses and Aaron?  Well, you’ll just have to check back next week to find out!


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