Who Will Ascend? …A Lifestyle of Prayer: Part 1

I still remember that day.  I was a young child—probably six or seven years old—and I was sitting in the living room while my dad sat in another chair, drinking his morning coffee.  It was a relaxed morning in our house—the type of morning that I always enjoyed.   

But all of a sudden, the relaxation turned to noise, disruption, and confusion as my dad began to choke on a sip of his coffee.  He was coughing so hard that he literally propelled himself out of the chair and onto the floor.  At the time, I knew something was seriously wrong, though I did not realize just how bad things could have become.  Mom was in another room—probably too far away to be aware of what was going on.  Instead of running to find her and get help, I got out of my chair, laid my hands on my dad’s back, and began to pray in the spirit.  I do not know how long I was praying, or how long he continued coughing.  But before too long, his throat became clear and he was able to get back up and recover.  There was no Heimlich maneuver performed that day, no medical attention, and not even so much as any physical help.  My dad received his deliverance from choking solely by the supernatural hand of God through an answer to the prayers of a young child. 

I remember another time when I was supposed to host a prayer meeting for a few friends of mine when I was in high school.  I wanted to host the meeting on the back screened-in porch that we had, but it was such an extremely hot day that doing so did not look promising.  But during the day, I whispered a prayer to the Lord asking Him to send rain with a cool front so that we could have our meeting on the porch.  There was no rain in the forecast at all for that day.  Yet, as the time of the meeting approached, clouds began to form in the sky, the wind began to blow, and it began to pour down rain.  The meeting actually had to be delayed because of the severity of the storm!  But when all was said and done, the storm left behind amazing temperatures, and we were able to have our meeting out in the patio. 

These are just a couple examples of the many ways that I remember God has answered my prayers.  As we embark on this series, entitled “Who Will Ascend?” it is my goal to share practical examples both from biblical instances and personal testimonies of just how significant prayer is in the lives of believers everywhere.  The topic of prayer is a very common topic, widely accepted by believers everywhere.  But, in my opinion, this topic is so common that it often becomes oversimplified or simply glossed over by many.  The significance of corporate and individual prayer is greater than we could even imagine.  In fact, allow me to say this:  The level of Kingdom impact you have on earth is directly related to your prayer life.  I love the Leonard Ravenhill quote pictured above: “No man is greater than his prayer life.”  Are you ready to begin a journey into a lifestyle of prayer unlike you have ever experienced before?  Then, check back next week for part two of this section! 


Practically Speaking…


Do you have any testimonies of answered prayers that you would like to share?  In what ways have you seen God answer your prayers?  Post your testimonies in the comments section below so that others can read and be encouraged as well. 

Also, are you in need of prayer right now?  Then check out the “Prayer Requests Forum” tab on this blog.  There, you can post prayer requests and also join with fellow believers in praying for others’ requests.  As James said, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (5:16). 

…More to come next week!


4 thoughts on “Who Will Ascend? …A Lifestyle of Prayer: Part 1

  1. The picture above looks like the Inland Vineyard in Corona. Is that correct? It is is, I have previously ministered there. Who is the author of this blog? I need to discover – thanks for following my blog as well. Jay West

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